Never miss a networking opportunity again.

Instantly share your contact info and socials with a single bump.

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What is uBump?

Makes networking frictionless.

Ever missed out on an opportunity because you didn't have a business card on you? Even if you did, most business cards get lost, thrown away, or forgotten instantly. uBump eliminates all these problems. All they have to do is bump their phone to your uBump and they have all your info!

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Incentivizes action.

Often when you hand someone a business card, you never know if someone will get back to you and have no control over it. With uBump, the pressure's on them to follow or connect with you at that very moment. Plus, you can see who's bumped you and contact them directly!

Eliminates waste.

When you change your logo, website or update your contact info, those hundreds of business cards that you have suddenly become useless and will end up in the trash. By choosing uBump, you’re helping to reduce waste.

Free lifetime access

No app needed

No subscription fees

NFC Technology

Each uBump contains a small NFC tag that when held close to a NFC enabled device sends a link with the owner's contact information and social media profiles on it. No more clunky business cards!

uBump NFC tag

See how it works

Profile Demo

Setting up is easy!

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			getting a uBump


Get your uBump.

Scanning uBump around top of phone


Hover it around the top of your phone.

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Sign up and add links!

    Need some inspiration on how to use uBump?

  • Place it on the back of your phone to take a virtual business card with you wherever you go
  • Have a physical store? Stick it somewhere near your register to increase organic social media traffic
  • Increase brand recognition by giving out custom uBumps with your logo on it!
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Click below to check your device's compatibility. Note: ALL devices running iOS 14 are now compatible with uBump!

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